Buying books

BOOK TRADE L.T.D EXPORT-IMPORT was founded with the aim of first and foremost enabling our clients to access books, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, dictionaries, maps, atlases, all written words from Serbia and around the world. We are able to provide you with information in the area that you are interested in. With us you can order every book that is available for sale. We are not only based on newer editions, but also on older editions that can be found on the market.
The quality of Book Trade and service is guaranteed. It is based on trust, acceptance of international standards, speed of delivery, adherence to deadlines and agreements.

We are specialize in:

  1. Subscription to newspapers, magazines, magazines, publications, maps, folders, atlases, textbooks
  2. Making bids book by area, author, publisher 
  3. Delivery speed
  4. We distribute the written word from all publishers and institutes
  5. We are specialize in the distribution of scientific books, magazines, newspapers, magazines, publications