About us

Book Trade LTD was founded in 2002 in Belgrade. We are dealing with exported-imported books, magazines, newspapers, / professional journals from all fields published by faculties, institutes, institutions /, professional literature, textbooks, words, maps, maps, monographs, school textbooks, college editions, children's books. We cooperate with all publishers, institutes, schools, universities, faculties in Serbia, Europe, Americans, ex Yugoslavia (Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia).

What makes us different from others

We are not a bookstore, we are a company that cooperates with all publishers, faculties, institutes and we sell their editions to order or on request.Magazines, newspapers, books, dictionaries, all printed literature are available to you or we can supply you at your request or request. Just send us the name of a book, newspaper, magazine, author, publisher, field, ISBN, or topic in an area and we will send you our price or quote with prices as soon as possible.

We subscribe to magazines, yearbooks, weeklies, newspapers from the older years, starting in 2000 and up to the current year!

You can find older editions of our books through our company.

For more or less orders, we do the same with regard to prompt procurement and delivery.

Delivery is made within 3 to 7 days from Serbia, and from import the delivery is 15 to 30 days. We also work with individuals.

We ship goods by registered mail to all destinations in Europe, America, Canada, Russia, Australia, China, Japan.

Book Trade provides subscription and delivery services for periodicals, newspapers, magazines to legal entities located in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, China, Japan… etc

PAYMENT PROCEDURE (magazines, newspapers, weekly newspapers)

Delivery of the magazine meets the most stringent customer requirement: / it can be on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis / Annuals /. We send magazines, newspapers, and weekly newspapers by registered mail.
We offer subscription to all print magazines, newspapers, magazines, periodicals from all over the world, Europe, Serbia, Ex Yugoslavia!


We have a reputation for our colleagues in the world who do the best job. However, we respect our own authenticity, because our concept is unique.


Subscriptions and Orders
Subscription ends via email. simple and efficient fast procedure • professional level of communication • personnel • individual approach to each client • timely delivery of periodicals, newspapers, magazines, books.